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Report Lists ‘Best Places' for New Year's Eve

Orlando Comes in First Followed By San Francisco and Atlanta

A new report from the personal-finance site WalletHub lists the top destinations in the United States to celebrate New Year's Eve.  The report says the best city to ring in 2017 is Orlando followed by San Francisco and Atlanta.

The site ranked the top 100 most populated cities in 20 metrics, including the average price of an NYE party ticket to the current weather forecast for December 31.  WalletHub also factored in safety and accessibility along with food and entertainment options into its rankings.

New York came in at 38 on the list because of the high cost of attending many NYE events in the Big Apple.  Boston was 19. 

The most popular actual travel destinations for New Year's Eve are Orlando, New York City and Honolulu, according to the site.

WalletHub says 77 percent of Americans will celebrate the holiday in some fashion, with many people enjoying large, organized events. 

Here are the top 40 "best cities" to celebrate Dec. 31, 2016 according to the list in the report:

1. Orlando, FL

2. San Francisco, CA

3. Atlanta, GA

4. Denver, CO

5. Buffalo, NY

6. Cincinnati, OH

7. Miami, FL

8. St. Louis, MO

9. Pittsburgh, PA

10. Las Vegas, NV

11. Washington, DC

12. Minneapolis, MN

13. Tampa, FL

14. New Orleans, LA

15. Seattle, WA

16. Scottsdale, AZ

17. San Diego, CA

18. Sacramento, CA

19. Boston, MA

20. Honolulu, HI

21. Birmingham, AL

22. Omaha, NE

23. Virginia Beach, VA

24. Madison, WI

25. Lincoln, NE

26. Portland, OR

27. Los Angeles, CA

28. Chicago, IL

29. Irvine, CA

30. Cleveland, OH

31. Philadelphia, PA

32. Baltimore, MD

33. Baton Rouge, LA

34. Santa Ana, CA

35. Norfolk, VA

36. Anaheim, CA

37. Louisville, KY

38. New York, NY

39. Colorado Springs, CO

40. Austin, TX

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