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6 More Whiting Forensic Employees Put on Leave Amid Abuse Investigation



    6 More Whiting Forensic Workers Put on Leave

    Six more Whiting Forensic Division employees have been put on leave in connection with an investigation into patient abuse.

    (Published Friday, Oct. 13, 2017)

    Six more workers at the state's maximum security psychiatric hospital in Middletown have been put on administrative leave amid an investigation into abuse allegations. 

    In the spring, 31 Whiting Forensic Division employees were put on administrative leave and nine of those workers were arrested for their alleged connection to the reported abuse. Friday marks 37 employees in total on leave from the hospital. 

    Allegations and videotape of the alleged abuse emerged, showing a patient was spit at and kicked and a dirty diaper was placed on his head.

    A report documents video surveillance from a patient's room from February 27 to March 22 this year. Investigators said they saw evidence the longtime psychiatric patient was repeatedly:

    Whiting Forensic Employees Arrested in Abuse Probe

    [HAR] Whiting Forensic Employees Arrested in Abuse Probe

    Three employees at Whiting Forensic Division have been arrested in connection with an ongoing patient abuse investigation.

    (Published Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017)

    • Kicked and spit upon
    • Had water poured on him
    • Had a dirty mop rubbed in his face
    • Had a dirty diaper placed on his head
    • And staffers put salt in his coffee and hot sauce in his food

    The report said the video shows 40 Whiting employees either committing or witnessing the abuse and wonders why they're not all on leave. The state said it has initiated various personnel actions based on the severity of the alleged work rule violations.

    The nine arrested face criminal charges that include cruelty to persons and disorderly conduct.

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