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Bus Driver Caught Allegedly Texting While Driving

Students recorded the driver apparently texting while driving the bus.



    A Hartford-area school bus driver is under investigation after video apparently showed her texting and checking Facebook while driving students.

    Video obtained by the Troubleshooters shows the driver with a cell phone in hand while behind the wheel of a school bus.

    Parents said their children were getting concerned by the driver's alleged texting and Facebook checking, so they asked their children to gather visual evidence.

    "It was very scary to see the roadway and your daughter behind the bus driver while the bus driver is texting," said Laurie Stulpin.

    Students Record Bus Driver Texting and Driving

    [HAR] Students Record Bus Driver Texting and Driving
    Students recorded video of a school bus driver allegedly texting while driving them on the bus.
    (Published Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012)

    The students take the bus to and from a Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) magnet school in Enfield.

    Stulpin said she complained to CREC, the bus company and police.

    CREC said its first priority is the safety of its students.

    A CREC spokesperson said after communicating concerns to the bus company, action was taken and the bus driver no longer transports CREC students.

    The bus company, Rainbow Bus Lines, said it is investigating the driver and is very concerned and upset by the accusation.

    "I'm a little more relieved that she's not driving on our bus, but I'm still worried about the rest of the community with her driving," Stulpin said.

    According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, it is illegal for school bus drivers to text behind the wheel of a school bus.

    "You are not only putting into danger your own life, but the lives of scores of other young, innocent kids," said DMV spokesperson Bill Seymour.

    School bus drivers who text behind the wheel in Connecticut face fines up to $400.  Drivers caught on a second offense will lose permission to drive a school bus for 60 days.

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