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DMV Debuts Long-Awaited Software Upgrades

DMV Branches Reopen After Upgrade

The DMV is reopening Tuesday after closing a week for a computer system upgrade. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015)

Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles branches will re-open Tuesday after a long-overdue upgrade caused them to close for a week.

DMV customers would like the six year, $26-million modernization to be worth the wait.

"I think it's going to be good. I really do. I think they need a good computer system," said Rich Kruger of Ansonia.

Less than 24 hours before rolling out new registration software at its branches, the agency showed off the Internet portion of the long-delayed improvements.

Online services "went live" over the weekend, according to DMV spokesman William Seymour.

"Because of the expert planning and execution by our staff and the staff of our contractor we were able to come in three days early and then make those services available to people," Seymour said.

DMV officials said the new system makes it easier to check online for compliance issues that could trip you up when you try to register a vehicle, along with a simpler way to sign up for online alerts for license and registration renewals.

The DMV hopes these online advances and much more online will reduce visits to its branches and help cut down on long lines.

Some, like Robert Gamble of Bloomfield, remain skeptical.

"I don't think it's going to make anything better," he said.

At least in the beginning, the lines at DMV branches may not be any shorter. The DMV commissioner said other states that rolled out new software saw longer lines at first.

It's another reason behind the big push for people to either wait a few weeks to visit a branch, or go online for DMV services. This is the second phase of the DMV's long delayed modernization.

The commissioner made some frank comments to the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters earlier this summer about what may or may not happen, with the final phase, which involves driver's licenses.

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