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DMV Registrations Suddenly Suspended



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    A Troubleshooters exclusive a new problem with the DMV’s new system that was rolled out in August. Some drivers are suddenly learning their vehicle registrations are suspended because of what appears to be a glitch.

    We talked to a man today who tells us he’s out hundreds of dollars because of this problem.. Through no fault of his own.

    The Troubleshooters have received a number of stories from people like Josh Kragh of Kent.

    Kragh and others have told the Troubleshooters they were pulled over by police for driving a vehicle with a suspended registration even though there was no reason for it to be suspended.

    With a wife almost nine months pregnant, Kragh had to tap local leaders to help get his car back on the road. "I was very fortunate that my First Selectman in the town and the State Representative Roberta Willis was right on the ball and took care of it."

    In Kragh's case, and others that have contacted the Troubleshooters, the sudden registration suspensions appear to be triggered by a change in auto insurance carriers. Several auto insurance agents have told us since the new DMV software debuted in August, they have multiple clients with the same problem...and they are not sure how extensive it is.

    So we asked the DMV about this. The agency says it is looking into it. You can also check your vehicle registration status on the DMV website. We will try to get you more answers about this in the coming weeks.