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DMV to Answer 'Thousands and Thousands' of Letters From Drivers

DMV to Address Drivers' Complaints

(Published Friday, Jan. 8, 2016)

The state is calling in DMV workers this weekend to go through “thousands and thousands” of letters from drivers proving they have insurance after it was discovered that a computer glitch was showing that insured drivers were coming up with expired registrations. 

“Faxes have come in, letters have come in from people, they’ve been dropped off. Thousands more than people handle in a normal every day,” said DMV Spokesman Bill Seymour.

Drivers have been ticketed for registrations that were suspended by the state for no proof of insurance. It turns out that proof may be sitting in envelopes that have piled up in the back offices of the DMV.

Seymour said employees will spend Saturday going through the letters one by one. However, he promised that work will not impact customers doing business at the DMV this weekend.

“They’re untouched by this. It has no effect whatsoever on them,” said Seymour.

Lines continued to run long on Friday.

“Yesterday I was in Norwich, and I waited four hours to registers a car. I’ve been here before, two, three, four hours. Not good,” said Herb Carlon who drove in from Attleboro, MA to register cars for his dealership.

The long lines that have plagued the DMV headquarters in Wethersfield, as well as other offices still aren’t as short as people would like.

“I have in the past dealt with 45 other states. It’s a very antiquated system. It’s one of the worst in the country,” said Jane Tarbox, who drove in from Hanson, MA to register a commercial truck.

Beginning in February, the DMV will open up kiosks in some of their locations. These kiosks will provide the same online services that you can access in your home. The three locations are Bridgeport, Norwalk, and here in Wethersfield.

“If they work well there then we’re going to put them our other offices and maybe in other places in the state in order to encourage more use of our online services,” said Seymour.

As far as those insurance lapses, Seymour admitted it may take longer than Saturday to completely work through the backlog. Those who prove they did have insurance will get a refund.

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