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Investigation Finds Rocky Hill Cops, Civilian Worker Drank on Job



    Rocky Hill Drinking Investigation

    (Published Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2016)

    Four Rocky Hill city employees were caught drinking on the job several months ago and police have released the findings of their investigation. 

    According to an internal investigation, three officer and one civilian employee were purging documents in an area known as the "vault". 

    On Tuesday, town employees released the investigation, stating that Sgt. Joseph Phelps, Detective Andrew O'Brien, Officer Jon Lammers and Clerk Laughen Cunningham did violate Rocky Hill police and town rules of conduct. 

    All four employees were being paid by the Town of Rocky Hill at the time of the incident. 

    Sgt. Phelps admitted he brought a 12-pack of Yuengling beer into the station and all four employees said they had drank some of the beer.

    It's unclear whether Phelps was driving his personal car or a police vehicle.

    All employees told investigators the drinking happened after work and the group was getting ready to exit the police facility.

    "Alcohol was not brought here with the intention to drink here; it was brought here to keep cold," Phelps said. "I apologize for allowing the alcohol to have been consumed in the Human Services Department."

    It's unclear what the punishment may be.

    NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters were told there is no surveillance video available of the incident.