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Investigation on School Bus Driver Record Sparks Action



    Police Take Action After Troubleshooters Bus Report

    (Published Wednesday, March 1, 2017)

    Following our series of reports, a reminder about a law concerning school bus drivers was read to officers at roll call in Hartford. This has been done in several other towns as well.

    The law we’re talking about was highlighted in our first story. It uncovered how some police were not familiar with the law requiring them to report the arrest of a school bus driver within 48 hours to the DMV.

    Then in our second story, NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters revealed something else, the Department of Motor Vehicles keeps a list of school bus drivers who have had their license endorsements suspended or revoked. School districts and school bus companies are required by law to check it twice a month, but no one is making sure they check it, and NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters learned, some do not.

    NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters spoke with state representative Andy Fleischmann, one of the authors of the law. He believes it’s the DMV’s responsibility to make sure operators check up on their drivers, “When I looked at it it's appeared to me that they were supposed to create the registry, and then make it available to all the school bus operators and then and then on a random audit basis make sure the school bus operators were using the information properly.”

    In response, DMV spokesman Bill Seymour says, “State law does not mandate DMV to regularly examine whether school bus companies have reviewed the driver suspension list. Those overseeing bus operations must ensure the safety of their passengers by checking the list twice a month as state law requires. It is the same obligation as with other necessary safety measures. However, we will make any changes the legislature requires.”

    The NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters will circle back with Representative Fleischmann to see what changes in the law he may pursue this legislative session.

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