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New Scam Targets Chip Card Users



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    The Federal Trade Commission warned consumers about a new scheme, involving emails sent by scammers disguising themselves as a credit card issuer.

    The email appears to be legitimate, saying you need to update your account by either confirming personal information or clicking a verification link. The FTC confirms this is not legitimate, and you should neither reply nor follow the provided link.

    Otherwise, scammers could steal your personal information, or you may accidentally download a virus.

    The FTC says your card company has no reason to confirm personal information via phone or email, so if you receive such inquiry and don’t know what to do, they suggest you call your card issuer using the company contact number on the back of your card.

    They also suggest you be careful with links in emails. Only provide personal data on a secure website.

    Experts say this won’t be the last chip card-related scam, adding, the new technology will only work when everyone makes the switch.

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