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Police Hunt for Worker Accused of Stealing Packages in FedEx Facility

Arrest Warrant for FedEx Theft

(Published Saturday, March 19, 2016)

Police have obtained an arrest warrant for the man they believe stole a gun, while it was being shipped through FedEx. The Troubleshooters broke the story earlier this week that police have been hot on the trail of a man who worked for a subcontractor at the Fedex facility in South Windsor. And the gun isn't the only package he's accused of stealing.

Police believe 25-year-old James Connor may have the information they need to get a rare trap gun back to its rightful owner Stanley Solkowski of Burlington.

Solkowski said, “He came home with something that didn't belong to him, and I need it back."

Solkowski said his gun is valued at roughly $4000-$5000. Investigators said Connor told his employer, a FedEx ground subcontractor, that he took Solkowski's package and a second separate package, while working at the FedEx South Windsor facility.

No one has been able to find Connor since he made that confession. Now that they have a signed warrant, police hope the public can help locate Connor so they can get more info on the missing trap gun.

South Windsor Police Deputy Chief Scott Custer said, “Mr. Connor admitted taking the packages but denied knowing that there was a firearm in one of them. And while that may be true, we're looking to speak to him and we'd like to know where the weapon went after it left his possession."

Police have obtained surveillance video from inside the facility but have not yet said what it shows. FedEx has said it takes this incident very seriously, and that Connor no longer does any subcontracting work for the company. If Solkowski's gun is not found, he wants FedEx to make him whole. FedEx said he'll only be reimbursed according to the insurance placed on the package.