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Questions Arise About Arrested Hartford Officer's Lie Detector Test

Questions Arise About Arrested Officer's Lie Detector TestHartford Police Department
Hartford police officer Luis Feliciano, 34, is accused of stealing from the Walmart where he worked a private-duty security job, and his personnel file reveals questions about a lie detector test administered before he was hired.

One week after a Hartford officer was arrested for allegedly stealing from the Walmart where he worked a private-duty security job, issues have surfaced surrounding the outcome of a lie detector test administered before he was hired.

Luis Feliciano, 34, was arrested last week and charged with two counts of fifth-degree larceny and possession of a shoplifting device. He’s accused of cutting open boxes packaged for sale, filling their contents with more-expensive items and paying for the cheaper merchandise, according to the warrant for his arrest.

He has since been suspended from the department without pay awaiting the outcome of his case.

Feliciano applied to the Hartford Police Department in 2011. According to documents obtained from Hartford police in a Freedom of Information Request, Feliciano mentioned Walmart on his job application, saying he worked in loss prevention for a decade at a Massachusetts store.

Hartford Officer Answers to Larceny Charges

[HAR] Hartford Officer Answers to Larceny Charges
A Hartford police officer accused of stealing merchandise while working a private duty security job at Walmart in July appeared in court Monday and is due back next month.
(Published Monday, Aug. 11, 2014)

A supervisor was quoted as calling Feliciano the store's "best loss prevention officer." She referred to him as trustworthy and responsible and said he had "a lot of integrity."

According to the documents, Feliciano also told Harford police he had a pending application with the Springfield Police Department when in reality he had filed a complaint when he was rejected eight months prior.

Documents connected to the case indicate Springfield police had concerns about hiring Feliciano, including a murder charge filed against him that was later dropped and drugs found in an apartment believed to be his.

Hartford police were not aware of the situation when Feliciano was hired but investigated after the fact. Internal affairs couldn't prove whether Feliicano was truthful when testifying.

He was hired in Hartford despite serious questions that arose after his first lie detector test. During the background check, a state police polygraph examiner said Feliciano “displayed consistent and significant physiological reactions indicative of deception when questioned about his sexual conduct and involvement with subversive groups and/or street gangs,” recommending that Feliciano be “retested if he is a serious consideration for employment.”

Feliciano passed his second test and was admitted into the department. Hartford police have not commented on their decision to hire Feliciano.