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Waterbury Resident Wants Broken Elevator in Apartment Building Fixed

Marion Aston says she hasn't left her 9th-floor apartment in over a week



    Elevators Broken in Waterbury Apartment Building

    (Published Monday, July 25, 2016)

    A Waterbury woman says she is stuck inside her Hillside Avenue high rise because of a broken elevator.

    Eighty-five-year-old Marion Aston told NBC Connecticut she hasn't left her 9th floor apartment at the Carlton Towers on HIllside Avenue in more than a week because of the broken elevator. She said she simply isn't healthy enough to climb nine flights of stairs.

    “It's very upsetting," she said.

    Nothing happened when NBC Connecticut pushed the button for an elevator. The stairs are the only option.

    "My health issues; I always have to go to ER because I have bad COPD, and if anything happens they're not gonna carry me," Aston said.

    Debra Aston, Marion’s daughter, echoed her mother’s concerns.

    "I'm concerned the emergency medical team can't get up here if she needs it. And what am I expecting? Them to climb nine flights to get to her? And by time they do could be a dangerous situation."

    Marion added, "Step up and do something for your people that are renting, I've been here 17 years!"

    Both women said the broken elevator has been an ongoing issue for years, with this latest break lasting more than a week. But they said they feel their complaints are falling on deaf ears.

    “I've been to the office, and not getting anyone saying anything about fixing it," Debra said.

    Debra said she walks up and down the stairs to get her mother’s meals on wheels and prescription pills now. They're being left in the lobby.

    "They're taking too long to fix it, please, fix it!" Debra stated.

    David Kay with Hillside Heights, LLC told the Troubleshooters, "The elevator went down a week ago. We're in the middle of modernizing both elevators; it's a $600,000-plus job. Hopefully, one should be up and running this week. Both hopefully by a couple weeks. We're trying our hardest to make it happen as quickly as possible. It is a process."