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Several Hoverboards Pulled From Amazon

Amazon Pulls Hoverboards

(Published Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2015)

Online retail giant Amazon is yanking hoverboards after almost a dozen fires have been linked to the self-balancing electric scooters.

The potential fire hazards are the result of lithium-ion batteries used to power up the popular items.

One such fire broke out in Gaithersburg, Maryland, on Nov. 8.

"The hoverboard ignited while it was being charged and actually rolled over to a bed and ignited the bedding in the bedroom," said Fire Chief Kevin Frazier with the Montgomery County Fire Department in Maryland.

Calling each case a high priority, federal investigators are reviewing 11 fires linked to hoverboards in 10 separate states.

With questions still looming, Amazon is also asking sellers for "documentation demonstrating all hoverboards listed are compliant with applicable safety standards."

Amazon is also sharing safety tips about lithium-ion batterie and allowing customers to cancel orders. already discontinued the sale of all brands.

Locally, firefighters advise against leaving hoverboards charging overnight.

"When you're charging it, make sure you're watching it. Only use the approved chord with the unit — if it is UL listed, that's a huge plus, because we know it’s met some standards, some electronic standards within the United States," Suffield Fire Chief Chuck Flynn told NBC Connecticut.

The list of airlines forbidding hoverboards on flights is growing, including Delta, American Airlines, United, Alaska Airlines, British Airways, Virgin America and JetBlue.