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State Employee Accused of Watching Pornography on Work Computer



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    A state employee accused of watching pornography on a government computer has been suspended for 30 days, according to an audit of the state's Department of Information Technology.

    According to the audit, which covered the fiscal years ending June 30 for 2008-2011, the employee was suspended for 30 days. The audit criticized the department for not notifying superiors up the chain of command.

    Another employee made personal calls on a state cell phone, but agreed to reimburse the charges, the audit shows.

    The audit finished with six recommendations for the department pertaining to the following other incidents:

    • 26 employees apparently did not have employee evaluation forms in their file.
    • Two employees received higher longevity payments than they were supposed to get, totaling less than $500.
    • One employee was underpaid their longevity payments by more than $12,000 dollars. That employee has since been reimbursed.

    The final recommendations were for maintenance of inventory records and a lack of a statewide software disposal policy.

    The audit prior to this one resulted in 17 recommendations, three of which were not implemented.