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UConn, Edsall Appeal State Ethics Ruling



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    UConn and head football coach Randy Edsall have kicked off their defense of a decision to have Edsall's son on his staff.

    The Office of State Ethics ruled earlier this summer the arrangement violated state ethics laws.

    UConn and the Edsalls filed separate appeals of an Office of State Ethics decision that tight end coach Corey Edsall must leave the program at the end of the season. The appeals were expected, with both legal teams crafting similar game plans.

    Together, they say the Edsalls and UConn did get an informal opinion in their favor from the Office of State Ethics about the coaching arrangement before Randy Edsall signed a contract to return as head coach.

    The University and the Edsalls say to comply with ethics laws, they set up a management system where Randy Edsall would not be Corey Edsall’s supervisor. They argue there are similar arrangements with UConn faculty members who are related, and note the Office of State Ethics failed to hold a hearing before issuing its draft advisory opinion - a violation of the Edsalls due process rights.

    The agency ruled against the Edsalls and UConn in part noting UConn used an informal, not official opinion. Citing case law, state ethics officials disputed that the younger Edsall could truly be on his father’s coaching staff without being supervised by him.

    The Office of State Ethics also took issue with Randy Edsall negotiating his son’s $95,000 salary after he signed on as head coach. Randy Edsall said he did sign his contract with UConn before negotiating for his son, but the effective date of his hire actually came after that negotiation.

    It is not clear when the case may go to court.

    The Edsalls’ attorney said he may ask for a stay of the ethics ruling so Corey Edsall can keep his job until the court case is resolved.