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Bill Looks to Extend Concrete Assistance Program

Legislators say hundreds of homeowners with crumbling foundations still need help.

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The company set up by the state to give financial assistance to hundreds of homeowners with crumbling concrete basements may get more time to get its work done.

A bill sent to Governor Ned Lamont extends the life of the Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Company, or CFSIC, until the legislature decides to shut it down.

It had been designed to stop operating next year.

The state program has given out millions in government funds to help repair basements in northeast Connecticut. The fix for such issues costs roughly $200,000 that most insurers don’t cover.

The bill has also provided for more funds to research crumbling concrete, new testing for minerals used in concrete, and the elimination of a five-year cap on reduced property tax assessments for people with crumbling basements.

The governor’s office has said he is still reviewing the bill.

Six years ago NBC Connecticut Investigates broke the story about hundreds of homes with defective, crumbling basements that need replacing. The issue was caused by defective concrete from a now-defunct company used between 1983 and 2016.

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