Could Fiberglass Foundations Help Amid Crumbling Concrete Crisis?

A couple building a home in Union wanted to try something different after seeing hundreds in north central and eastern Connecticut with failing concrete basements, so they are using fiberglass composite instead. 

Rachel Trinque said she and her husband wanted to find something that was energy efficient and would never crumble. 

The town approved their use of fiberglass composite instead of concrete for the basement walls. 

Composite Panel Systems, the Wisconsin company that makes them, said they are used in more than a dozen states. 

It is primarily designed for newer construction, but the company said it works very well in retrofitting or underpinning and replacing existing foundations. 

And it might be less expensive. 

The company said steps are cut out of the construction process because each piece of the wall has stud framing, waterproofing and insulation in place when they're installed. 

And it's lighter than concrete. 

More than a dozen inspectors, contractors, and local leaders observed the installation at the Trinques’ home. 

Most of those who went to watch the installation, however, said they need to research the use of this material more to see if it could help people replace their crumbling basements on a broader scale. 

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