crumbling foundations Jul 21, 2021

Legislators Tallied Multiple Gains on CT Crumbling Basement Issue

The state has set standards for concrete and pledged hundreds of millions of dollars to help homeowners with crumbling foundations, but lawmakers say more work is ahead.

  • crumbling foundations Jun 29, 2020

    More Concrete Relief for Homeowners With Crumbling Foundations

    Some good news for people dealing with crumbling concrete basements in north central and eastern Connecticut. The Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Company, Inc. (CFSIC), the program giving grants to homeowners with crumbling concrete basements, said in late June it received $10.6 million from the Healthy Homes Fund. CFSIC said that’s $2.1...
  • crumbling foundations Apr 23, 2020

    State Crumbling Basement Help Not Taxable in Most Cases: IRS

    There is a big development for homeowners who got state help to fix their crumbling basements. Congressman Joe Courtney has received guidance from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that financial help homeowners received from the state to help replace their basements will not be taxable income. The exception:  if a homeowner claimed a propert...
  • crumbling foundations Mar 17, 2020

    More Time to Apply for Help With Crumbling Basements

    The deadline to apply for help if you have a crumbling basement in the first half of 2020 has been extended, thanks to an error. A miscalculation by the program helping people in Connecticut with crumbling concrete basements means it has moved the deadline to apply for help until June 30. The Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Company, or C...
  • crumbling foundations Mar 2, 2020

    Where Are the Most Crumbling Basements in Connecticut?

    More than 1,700 homeowners with crumbling concrete basements have now requested assistance from a state program giving out grants to help repair them. The Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Company, or CFSIC, says towns with the most applicants include Vernon with more than 300, followed by Tolland, and Manchester. More than a half dozen to...
  • crumbling foundations Feb 7, 2020

    Webinar to Assist Homeowners with Crumbling Concrete Tax Questions

    Filling out and paying your taxes is tough enough.  Imagine if you’re dealing with a crumbling basement and have to sort out what that means for your tax situation. Congressman Joe Courtney and an IRS representative will host a webinar on the subject Monday, February 10, 2020 at 2 p.m.  It is open to the public.  In addition to discussing&#823...
  • connecticut politics Jan 19, 2020

    Working Group Recommends Quality Control Plan for Quarries

    A legislative working group has released a new quality control plan for quarries in light of the crumbling foundations problem afflicting many eastern Connecticut homeowners. The General Assembly’s Quarries Working Group, which has been meeting since September, also studied the workforce currently available to help homeowners repair their foundatio...
  • crumbling foundations Jan 9, 2020

    Mass. Estimates it Has 2000 Homes With Crumbling Concrete

    A newly released report estimated Massachusetts has as many as 2,000 homes with crumbling concrete, and it could cost $350 million to fix them. A special commission was formed in Massachusetts a few years after the discovery of the crumbling concrete problem in our state, a story broken by NBC Connecticut Investigates in 2015. The report said the d...
  • crumbling foundations Jan 9, 2020

    100 Crumbling Foundations Replaced Through State Insurance Program

    One hundred homes with crumbling concrete have had their foundations replaced with help from the state insurance company created in response to the crisis. Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Company, Inc. (CFSIC), the state insurance company providing money to homeowners announced that milestone Wednesday, nearly a year after it launched. T...
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