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More Time to Apply for Help With Crumbling Basements

The deadline for the first half of 2020 is now three months later

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NBC Connecticut

The deadline to apply for help if you have a crumbling basement in the first half of 2020 has been extended, thanks to an error.

A miscalculation by the program helping people in Connecticut with crumbling concrete basements means it has moved the deadline to apply for help until June 30.

The Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Company, or CFSIC, had previously set the deadline as March 31, to conserve its funds.

However, CFSIC later learned it had mistakenly calculated the total number of people who applied for assistance since the program’s inception was 1,700. The figure is actually just under 1,500.

CFSIC said it regrets the error. It expects to get another cash infusion from the state sometime after June 30 when the Connecticut Bond Commission meets and approves the release of another $20 million in funds.

The program added that despite the coronavirus threat, its “…operations continue without interruption.”

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