Governor Addresses Crumbling Concrete Foundation Crisis in Budget Proposal

Gov. Dannel Malloy rolled out what he called his “sixth” proposed balanced budget Friday and it includes some assistance for homeowners suffering from the state’s crumbling concrete crisis. 

Hundreds of people whose basement walls are crumbling said they can’t wait much longer for help. 

Ron Marks, of Tolland, discovered his basement walls are cracking, he says due to the naturally occurring mineral pyrrhotite in the concrete when it was poured in 1985. Now he’s trying to figure out how to fix it. He said he filed an insurance claim with his insurance company and it was denied. 

Marks got some hope when Malloy announced his latest proposed budget plans to raise $10 million annually over the next six years through bonding, to remediate and research our state’s concrete crisis. 

Malloy calls it “(T)he first steps toward addressing the crumbling foundation problem.” 

Republican legislator Tom Delnicki, of South Windsor, told the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters he is glad the governor is talking about foundations, however, “…the bottom line has to be a grant to victims, not a loan.” 

The Governor's proposal also calls for hiring an additional staff person to coordinate efforts to combat this concrete crisis. Yet this still has a long way to go before being approved, since the legislature has to sign off on this budget and there will likely be a lot of changes if, and before that happens.

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