Hartford Public Schools Administrator Resigns Amid Police Investigation

An administrator from Hartford Public Schools has resigned amid a police investigation, the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters have learned.

Eduardo Genao resigned yesterday as executive director for compliance.

Sources said the investigation involves allegations of inappropriate text communication with a minor out of state.

"He began texting her. I guess she ignored it at first because she thought it was him being nice," the victim's mother told Jill Konopka with NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters.

The text messages soon became inappropriate, the mother said. 

"It became very graphic," she told NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters.

Police did not name Genao and said no charges have been filed and no one is in danger, but the school department did name him.

"It's important to know that -- one, no one's in danger, currently in danger, and we have no indication that any students or staff in the Hartford schools system were ever in danger," Deputy Police Chief Brian Foley said.

In a statement, a school spokesperson said they are fully cooperating with investigators and the investigation does not involve any other staff members or students in Hartford.

"The Hartford Police Department has informed Hartford Public Schools that Mr. Eduardo Genao is under investigation and the district is fully cooperating with this investigation. As of April 5th, Mr. Genao is no longer employed by Hartford Public Schools. Mr. Genao was employed by Hartford Public Schools since 2005, and his most recent position was Executive Director for Compliance. The alleged victim of this investigation is not a staff member or student of Hartford Public Schools. For further inquiries, please communicate with the Hartford Police Department," a statement from the school department says.

Genao worked for Hartford schools since 2005.

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