Help For Homes With Crumbling Foundations

Bill adds $12/year surcharge to homeowner policies in Connecticut

On the last day of the 2018 legislative session, the Connecticut State Senate voted in favor of a bill that will add a $12 per year surcharge on every homeowners’ insurance policy in Connecticut to help pay for repairing homes with crumbling concrete basements.

It’s estimated the fee will raise $10 to $12 million per year to help pay for hundreds of people struggling with the concrete problem. It’s an issue unique to the northern-central and eastern portions of Connecticut that the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters uncovered almost three years ago.

The repairs can cost upward of $200,000 per home. This money is on top of $100 million in state bonding for the problem. And all this may still not be enough. At last check, almost 700 people have filed complaints about having crumbling basements with the Department of Consumer Affairs.

The Connecticut House of Representatives already voted in favor of the bill. It now heads to the governor’s desk for his signature. There was no word on whether Gov. Dannel Malloy is expected to sign the bill Wednesday afternoon.

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