Lawmakers Pass Bill to Help With Crumbling Foundations

State lawmakers are taking action to try to help hundreds of homeowners struggling with crumbling foundations.

Late Tuesday night, the Senate unanimously approved House Bill 5180, which will provide homeowners in Hartford, Tolland and Windham counties a measure of relief, while they grapple with this financially devastating problem.

Last July, the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters first uncovered an issue that's plaguing hundreds of homeowners across eastern Connecticut.

Their foundations are crumbling beneath them and experts said there's no fix. The only remedy is replacing the concrete at a cost of $150,000 and up.

The bill looks to give the homeowners short term relief by requiring local towns to revalue homes with foundation problems. That could save owners thousands in taxes while they wait for a permanent solution.

The bill also requires the state keep any records related to the failing foundations confidential for at least seven years.

According to State Senator Cathy Osten, that's the key to getting reluctant homeowners to register with the state and set the wheels in motion for a long-term financial solution.

"We need to have the real numbers where the problems are. Anecdotally, we think about 2000 homes that have crumbling foundations yet we only have about 200 homeowners who've come forward," said Osten.

House Bill 5180 also establishes increased record keeping related to newly poured concrete foundations moving forward.

Now, the bill move on to the Governor's desk. If he signs it into law, most of the provisions in the measure would take effect July 1.

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