iPhone Users Report Battery Issues After Upgrade

Some iPhone users are reporting wi-fi and battery issues ever since upgrading their devices to iOS 7.0.3.

iOS 7.0.3, the iPhone’s latest operating system, was released late October. Now, some users are finding that newer doesn’t mean better.  

“It’s disappointing,” said Lauren Debaeck. 

“When I’m at work, I’ll have 100 percent, and then three hours later, it’ll be completely dead,” said Justina Miller.

Miller said her iPhone was fine before she upgraded her phone. However, since then, she’s been dealing with problem after problem. 

“It freezes on me a lot, and it eats up my battery because it’s constantly searching and trying to upgrade and find things,” Miller said.

Miller isn’t alone. Apple’s message boards have been lighting up and some customers are complaining that the upgrade is also disabling their wi-fi.

One user wrote, “…no wifi after upgrade, using a 4s. I did the network reset, etc., and then did a backup/restore…At first the wi-fi was working. But then I was getting…freezes…And then I restarted, and back to no wifi.”  There are dozens of similar complaints on the same website. When the Troubleshooters reached out to Apple, they would not comment on any glitches.

Some iPhone users also reported that their data is getting used up quicker than ever before. That’s partly because apps are allowed in the background.

However, there are a few things you can do to preserve your battery and data. First, go to “Settings,” “General,” then “Background App Refresh,” and turn it off. That will stop your apps from updating when you’re not using them.

Lon Seidman, technology expert and writer for www.CTNewsJunkie.com said iPhone users can also keep certain apps from running, unless they’re on wi-fi. 

“If you … disable the app from talking to the cellular network, that will certainly eliminate the risk of blowing out your data allocation for the month,” said Seidman.

Seidman said small adjustments can keep your data usage down, before you get slapped with overage charges. 

“It could mean a lot of money because those per-gigabyte charges over the base are significant,” Lon said.

But what about other iPhone users who haven’t upgraded their phone?

Seidman said if you’re leery of all the glitches, it might be best to wait for Apple to release the next iOS version.

“… When 7.1 comes out, that’s typically when a lot of the problems get rolled up and fixed,” said Seidman. 

However, unless that happens, some iPhone users said they’ll have no choice but to jump ship.

“I’ll maybe look into having a different phone because I haven’t been satisfied with the iPhone lately,” said Lauren Debaeck.

iPhone users experiencing wi-fi and other issues are also advised to visit the Apple store and talk to tech support.

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