Malloy DMV Plan Hits Potential Roadblock

A powerful legislative committed has decided to keep a ban on issuing motor vehicle registrations to owners with delinquent property taxes.

Gov. Dannell Malloy had proposed an end to that ban as a way of easing lines at state DMV offices. Many people make multiple trips to the DMV as they try and renew registrations, only to be turned away until they pay up on their property taxes.

The General Assembly's Transportation Committee on Monday voted to keep the ban in place after testimony from municipalities afraid that they could lose five-percent of their revenues if the ban went away.

Committee chairman Rep. Tony Guerrera tells the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters that his committee is open to discussing allowing people with minor parking tickets to register their vehicles, something they are not allowed to do now, if that will help ease the lines at the DMV. Part of the bill that survived allows the DMV to use private companies like AAA to provide more DMV services, like registrations.

The governor's office tells the Troubleshooters it will be continuing to meet with legislators on this issue and hopes some kind of compromise can reached.

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