NBC Connecticut Investigates 2018 Year in Review

This last year we held the powerful accountable and helped change how business is done in Connecticut.

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This last year we held the powerful accountable and helped change how business is done in Connecticut.

Earlier this year NBC Connecticut Investigates uncovered problems with a Connecticut state program that arranges housing for clients with economic, heath or emotional challenges. But the state doesn’t vet potential tenants for past problems, something unbeknownst to some property owners renting out their homes.

The couple that a landlord said trashed her property disputes her claims, and told us it was a misunderstanding. But soon after our report, police arrested the couple on charges of criminal property damage.

In the spring, NBC Connecticut embarked upon an ambitious project, our seven part “At A Price-The High Cost Of Local Town Living” series, that highlighted why people have moved out of Connecticut.

The series asked if there’s a more cost effective and efficient way for our local and state government to function. Not long after the stories aired, the idea of more regional government became a key issue in the gubernatorial campaign.

A month later NBC Connecticut Investigates exposed issues for CT Transit bus drivers, who were wearing diapers and avoiding eating and drinking on the job because of a lack of access to available restrooms.

Since we broke the story, there have been rallies, calls from political leaders for change and, ultimately, a change in company policy: bus drivers and managers are now continuously reviewing current and potential accessible bathrooms on all routes.

Over the summer our undercover investigation of the nail salon business in Connecticut revealed how the state is the only one in the country not to license nail techs. We found customers who say they were injured during manicures and pedicures. Our report got the attention of state legislators. They tell NBC Connecticut Investigates they will pursue licensing regulations for the industry in the upcoming general assembly session.

This fall, Hartford police reassigned an officer who drove the wrong way up the interstate into a non-driving position after we began asking questions. The officer was pursuing a suspect when he drove the wrong way up the interstate, something instructors say police should only do in extreme circumstances. The officer declined to comment.

Finally, we challenged Connecticut to do better. We asked why consumers can’t buy wine in supermarkets, why so many towns and cities have badly timed traffic lights and what it will take to get rid of those left lane exits.

Going into 2019, NBC Connecticut Investigates will keep holding those in power accountable and uncovering the problems impacting your life.

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