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‘I Call It a Sinkhole': NBC CT Responds Helps 92-Year-old Manchester Man Get New Mattress

We all want to get a good night’s sleep, but catching z’s wasn’t going great for a Manchester man with a defective mattress.

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“I get in bed and then I roll down into the sinkhole,” said Raymond Brown of Manchester.

Brown has seen a lot in his almost 93 years of life - from serving our country to coping with health issues and Parkinson’s disease, too.

But he can now add sleeping on a defective mattress to his list of life experiences.

He explained that his wife “has to help me get out of bed because I have to get up over the hump.”

It wasn’t until NBC CT Responds called the company that his mattress was replaced.

The company replaced it the next day.

“It’s amazing. I kept fighting and fighting and I was getting nowhere. And, you guys are amazing. I absolutely love NBC,” said Danielle Barck, who has been working for the Browns for almost two decades now.

“They’re like family to me, parents,” she said.

Barck was the one who reached out to us about Brown’s situation.

Brown bought the mattress from Metro Mattress in Manchester this summer, but it started to dip in the middle.

“We rotated the mattress. We’ve tried everything,” Barck said.

She said she started calling the company to get an inspector to the home at the start of December.

In late January, she said an inspector ruled the mattress defective and that it was eligible for replacement under its warranty.

And then, she says the wait was on for the delivery of the replacement.

“They kept saying, ‘two weeks, two weeks, they’ll get a new mattress.’ They never got a new mattress. So, I was at my wits end, didn’t know what to do, so I contacted NBC,” Barck said.

When NBC CT Responds called Metro Mattress, the president and CEO responded to us right away.

He told us over the phone that customers are really important to him and that’s why he reached out immediately when he heard about his situation.

The CEO had no other comment after the delivery about what was causing the holdup.

“It’s taken over two months to get where we are today,” said Brown, who we’re happy to report says he is sleeping soundly in his new mattress.

About the length of time it took for a replacement, Barck said, “It drives me crazy, especially someone like him, he deserves what he paid for, and he needs a comfortable night sleep.”

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