Monroe Man Says There Was Disconnect Over Defective Mobile Devices

A Monroe man said he bought two defective mobile Wi-Fi hot spots and found it nearly impossible to return them, until NBC Connecticut Responds stepped in to help.

Bill, who did not want to use his last name, had a Verizon Cellular plan and wanted a mobile Wi-Fi hot spot. So, last January he bought the device from Cellular Sales LLC of Connecticut in Shelton, an authorized retailer.

Over the next two weeks, Bill said, the device gave him SIM card error messages. He returned it and said he received the same error message on the second device he purchased from that Shelton retailer.

Bill then went to the Verizon store at Westfield mall in Trumbull to get an upgrade. He said the general manager told him that he couldn’t use the new device on his existing account because of the different systems between Verizon-owned stores and authorized retailers and instructed him to cancel the old account and return the second defective device.

Bill wasn’t satisfied with the company’s response and turned to Twitter to air his frustrations, which the company responded to and essentially told him to do the same thing.

When Bill couldn’t return it or get in touch with Verizon to resolve the issue, he contacted NBC Connecticut Responds.

As result, Verizon refunded Bill $159 for the cost of the mobile Wi-Fi hot spot.

A Verizon spokesperson told us in a statement:

“When a customer makes a purchase of a Verizon product we aim for every interaction to be overwhelmingly positive. We came up short in this case, but are glad to see that the issue was able to reach a successful resolution.

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