More Than 100 People Filed About Crumbling Foundations: CDCP

The number of homeowners who are dealing with crumbling foundations is growing every day. The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection said  111 people have filed complaints with the state .

The Troubleshooters have heard from many more, but some homeowners are reluctant to file a formal state complaint for fear it will start a clock on possible claims against insurers. In the meantime, the homeowners from towns across eastern Connecticut have started to band together.

People pack the Stafford Senior Center, sharing stories about a shared problem: crumbling foundations.

Tim Heim of Willington has organized the Connecticut Coalition Against Crumbling Foundations. Homeowners from across eastern Connecticut came together a few weeks ago to gather information about a problem that's plaguing hundreds of homes. Heim said the state's investigation into the problem is always top of mind.

"We want to know what has been done and what the game plan is going forward," said Heim.

Sandy Miller, a single mom from Stafford stands out from the crowd. The Troubleshooters were there last month when a local building inspector condemned her house. He said her foundation has deteriorated to the point where it's no longer safe for her family to live there. Miller said the anxiety and uncertainty have caused her many sleepless nights.

"I'm still paying expenses on my house, along with trying to life day to day and afford an apartment," said Miller.

The group is encouraging all homeowners with crumbling foundations to register a complaint with the state, and while there's power in numbers, Coalition's aim is to harness that power and speak with a single voice.

"What is it gonna take for the State of Connecticut to help people with financial relief to get these fixed?," asks Heim.

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