New Survey on What Really Stresses Out People in CT May Surprise You. Here's Why

The survey was conducted by Area52

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It’s a safe bet you can list the top three things that stress you out…in under 10 seconds.

When residents in Hartford were asked what stresses them out, they provided some of the typical answers:

  • “Prices are rising up”
  • “Everybody’s stressed out after the pandemic”
  • “The weather in Connecticut…”

However, that may not be what stresses people out when it comes to what they're tweeting about. And who better to conduct a study on this than a company that sells relaxation gummies called Area52?

The study compiled a list of 169 influential people in 2022 based on Google trends.

Then, researchers scraped every tweet by those influential people in 2022…there were close to one million. They then used a web analysis tool that assesses the stress and relaxation levels of each tweet.

The data concluded that without a doubt, the United States is the most stressed-out country.

As far as who stressed out Americans the most? Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed out the most states, according to the survey.

Actor Johnny Depp, embroiled in a contested divorce trial last year, caused the most stress in Connecticut…again, based on an analysis of tweets in 2022.

That generated some pretty funny responses from folks we spoke with in Hartford.

“That’s gotta be pretty sad that that’s all they’re concerned about, about what Johnny Depp’s doing.”

“People need to put down their phones and pick up a book sometimes.”

A lot of other states got stressed out by the death of Queen Elizabeth in the United Kingdom last year, according to the research.

After the U.S., other anxious countries include the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Indonesia.

Another interesting bit from this research: several entrepreneurs also generated a lot of stressed-out tweets in the U.S., including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Tesla and Twitter king Elon Musk, and Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg.

You can see the survey by clicking here.

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