Some Towns Delaying Car Tax Bills

A warning from the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters. Pay attention to your car tax bills, especially this year.

Our team recently uncovered a story about how quickly late fees and interest can pile up, even if you never get your car tax bill. Now we have an update on a situation that may cause you to lose track of those bills.

About two dozen towns and cities are delaying delivery of car tax bills, mostly because they don’t know how much money they’re getting in the still-to-be-agreed-upon state budget.

New Britain, for example, just announced its car taxes are due October 2nd.

A recent survey by the Connecticut Association of Assessing Officers indicates of the 117 towns and cities responding, at least 86 set motor vehicle mill rates and sent out tax bills. But at least 26 towns and cities have not set their motor vehicle mill rates and are still waiting to send out car tax bills.

There is one town that set its motor vehicle mill rate and sent out the tax bills, but may re-bill in a second installment, depending on how much state aid it gets.

The bottom line: if your car tax bill hasn’t arrived, you will likely get one, eventually. And even if you don’t, you’ll still owe it. So it never hurts to call your tax office to check.

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