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‘What's On Your Mind?': Pride, Calls for Unity After Election Day

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As Connecticut voters take a breath after an unusual and consequential Election Day, a lot of them are taking stock in what they were a part of Tuesday. And they are also looking to the future.

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On a chilly November day, many people in Connecticut did what they felt they had to do - they voted. They chose to fulfil their civic duty even in the midst of a global pandemic. Different people had some very different reasons for getting to that ballot box. But, in a year when so many people have felt so powerless, November 3, 2020 marked a moment when people said they felt powerful.

Here is some of what you wanted to share.

It actually gave me a moment to think about all the people who in the past weren't able to vote or were kept from voting. And so although it was a little chilly, it was also pretty humbling.

Jennifer, West Hartford
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I voted because this is not the country that I heard of when I was in Jamaica and not the country that I dreamed of coming to. I want us to unite no matter who becomes president and that was my main reason for voting.

Tasha, Waterbury

Looking at everything that's happened in 2020, I needed to stand up and get out and vote. I actually took my 2-year-old granddaughter with me to the polls and she voted with me. Every single vote matters.

Taisha, Hartford

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Connecticut voters told NBC Connecticut on Tuesday what they hoped to see come out of the election this year.
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