10/13: Pop, Punk and a Play

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FEARLESS:  Put a little Punk in your step tonight in Hartford.  Florida  band Mayday Parade is headlining the Fearless Friends Tour at the Webster.  The band features all the hooks you'd expect from a pop-punk band, but have also proven they can slow things down a bit on the ballad front.  Also on the bill for the  Fearless Friends Tour, which is sponsored by the record company of the same name, are Breathe Carolina, Every Avenue, Artist Vs. Poet and Go Radio.  Tickets for the show are $18.  The music gets underway at 5:30.

POP GOES THE INDIE:  They're a pop band from Wales, but they've got a name like Los Campesinos!  Talk about an unusual, yet intriguing start for your Wednesday night.  Los Campesinos, which, we're told has something to do with farming (don't be mad if we're wrong about that).  Anyway, the eight-piece (five guys and three girls) band is playing at Toad's Place tonight.  The band blends biting commentary with romantic, narrative lyrics and an upbeat sound that defies expectation and categorization, but will leave you wanting more.  Tickets are $15.  The show starts at 9 p.m.

 SECRET OF MY SUCCESS:  No, there's not a showing of Michael J. Fox's classic '80s romantic comedy showing in Connecticut.  (but wouldn't that be awesome?)  We're actually talking about the classic show, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" on stage now at the Goodspeed in East Haddam.  In the hysterical satire of American industry, an ambitious window-washer uses his charm, flattery, guile and a little help from a manual called, fittingly, How to Succeed, to zoom from the mail room to the executive suite (come to think of it, that sounds just like the plot of the Michael J. Fox flick).  The show has won 7 Tony awards and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.  Tickets for the show are $35.  Tonight's performance (the show runs through Nov. 28) is at 7:30 p.m.

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