10/28: Mid-Week Music

HOP ON THE VAN WAGON: He's been described as one of the most important living artists of our time.  While that may sound a tad hyperbolic, there's no denying that Van Morrison has left his mark on the entertainment industry.  The Grammy Award-winner will be at the Performance Theater at MGM Grand at Foxwoods tonight.  Perhaps best known for "Brown Eyed Girl," Morrison is also a songwriter, author, poet and multi-instrumentalist.  Tickets for tonight's show will run you anywhere from $75-$350.  8pm.

RADIO ON STAGE:  Looking for some live music, with a socially-conscious vibe?  Head to Toad's Place in New Haven tonight to catch "State Radio."  The trio has an aggressive sound that combines rock, reggae and punk.  Their music takes aim at things like Guantanamo Bay, the political situation in South America and the state of affairs in Darfur.  The show is $20.  8pm.

INSTRUMENTAL MUSINGS:  Beware of Safety (or BoS), an experimental instrumental rock/pop band from L.A. has headed east, and is here tonight.  They are playing The Space in Hamden.  The band has earned some critical praise for their 2009 album "dogs."  BoS is in town with The Mega Mega, North Shore Troubadours, Seafire, Breakthrough Frequencies and Edochuli.  Tickets are $10.  7pm.

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