10th Anniversary of Murder, Still No Arrest

It's been 10 years since Yale student Suzanne Jovin was murdered, and the case remains unsolved. 
Jovin's body was found near a tree at the intersection of East Rock Road and Edgehill Road in New Haven on the night of Dec. 4, 1998. Someone stabbed her 17 times in the head, neck and back.
A special team of retired investigators continues to look into what happened, prosecutors said.  Their efforts began a year ago and have yielded little new information. 

"We're still looking for public help," said Assistant State's Attorney James Clark.
Clark said they're still looking for a man who was seen running near the crime scene. They're also still looking for the person who planned to return G.R.E. study materials to Jovin the night she died. She referenced the planned encounter in an e-mail sent less than an hour before her death.
On the Yale campus, administrators held a small, private ceremony honoring Jovin Thursday morning. University officials did not respond to requests for comment. Employees at the Davenport Dining Hall, where Jovin worked, declined to comment. 

Current students said they know little about Jovin or the crime. 

"I feel the university likes to not talk about the bad things that happen," said Avinash Gandhi, a Yale junior. 
In the upscale New Haven neighborhood where Jovin's body was found, people remain shaken by the unsolved crime. 

"There's a little place in my heart for her because I just feel a young life was snuffed out way to early," said resident Priscilla Kellert.
Prosecutors still hope someone will come forward with information that will help them solve the case and bring closure to the Jovin family.  "Anybody who knows anything, even if they think we already know it," said Clark.

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