11/11: Aiming for the End Zone

GOOD LUCK CHARM?:  OK.  This worked last week.  Could WYDT be the rabbit's foot, dirty underwear, tailgate talisman for the UConn football team?  Last Friday in primetime, the Huskies unprobably took down Big East Rival West Virginia at the Rent.  Tonight, the Mountaineers make way for the Panthers.  UConn takes on Pittsburgh at 7:30 p.m.  And we're doing our part by typing our virtual good luck.  Now you do your part.  Head to East Hartford to help the Huskies keep their mojo rising.  Click here for ticket info.

REGANOMICS:  No, we're not getting political here.  But we are getting comical.  Stand-up stand-out Brian Regan is hitting the Palace Theater in Waterbury tonight.  Regan is known for his observational and uniquely physical humor.  With a self-deprecating, rarely off-color style, Regan will make you laugh without making you cringe (too much).  The show starts at 7:30 p.m.

NO TITLE REQUIRED:  Which is unfortunate, cause I had some good puns that probably wouldn't find their way into Brian Regan's routine.  Anyway, head to the Willimantic Brewing Company tonight to raise a glass for cancer prevention.  "Pints for Prostates" is a grassroots effort that uses the universal language of beer to reach men with a much-needed health message.  The evening features all sorts of Magic Hat specials, giveaways and some important info on prostates.  The brews will be flowing from 5-9 p.m.

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