1/13: Double Dipping

It's hump day, so we figured you could use some help getting through to the weekend.  And what better way than to give you a trio of duos.  (You like that?  It's a play on words.)

LOCALS ONLY:  We start our double dip in the musical world.  Two Connecticut clubs are showcasing some of the best local talent around tonight.  First, we take you to Toad's Place in New Haven for their Local Hip-Hop Showcase.  For just $10 you can check out acts like Ble$$, Bodayga, Dante, Kode Red, Mar-Key Productions, Mootza-Rell and Rick 4 Realz.  The rhymes start at 8pm.

Or, head down to Hamden for a Local Rock Showcase at The Space.  For that same $10, you can see The End of War, Blind Pedestrian Area, Before We Begin, AM Aesthetic, Clark and the Kents and Memories in Play.  The riffs start at 7pm.

SING ALONG:  Forget the promising local bands, how about some not-so promising wanna be rock stars?  That's right, we're talking karaoke.  Turns out Wednesday is a big night for hopping up on stage and belting out your favorite tunes.  But since we have a theme of "twos" going tonight, we'll keep it to that.  And we start down in Stamford at Route 22.  Strut your stuff starting at 8:30pm with a night of music hosted by DJ Easy-E.

Moving back up to Hartford, we send you to Sully's Pub.  Besides the singing, the Pub also has a weekly special of $1 High Life drafts (which we're sure will help build people's confidence to hop up on stage).

BASKETBALL AND BREWS:  The Huskies are now smack dab in the middle of their Big East season.  Tonight, the UConn Men are taking on rival (aren't they all) Pittsburgh.  Head to the XL Center tonight for the big game against the Panthers.  Click here for ticket info.  7pm.

Or if you don't want to sit in the stands, but don't want to miss the game action, why not head out for a bite to eat?  Apricot's Restaurant in Farmington could be the perfect place to watch the game.  Not only do they have $2 Bud and Bud Lights on game nights, but they also offer their Recession Buster dinner.  The meal includes three courses for just $19.95.  And if you don't want to eat at the restaurant, you can get 20 percent off to-go orders.

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