12 Months of J.Crew Bliss

No this isn't a list for the naughty, we love these nautical knots for your ears and soapstone cocktails!

WAY BETTER THAN CHEESE: So everybody and their sister (and Michelle Obama, and us) loves the new and reformed, very stylish J. Crew. Now you can love J.Crew all year long with their Gift of the Month club. Ranging in collections from Cashmere of the Month, for $1,800, to Tie of the Month for a more modest $225, the 12 pieces will be hand-picked by the design team over at the Crew and delivered just as you're getting sick of your "so 30 days ago" goods from last month. Our favorite is the Shoe of the Month club, in which for $1,800 you can choose heels, flats, or a mix. For more information, order online or call J. Crew at 1-800-205-3877. {Racked}

KNOTS ARE THE NEW PEARLS: Kiel James Patrick, the face of his own namesake company, is doing alright this holiday season. In fact, he's shipping out his collection of preppy patterned bracelets, headbands and key straps to more than 65 stores nationwide this year and while unfortunately none in Connecticut as of now, hopefully he'll find a more local home in the next year with his rather ambitious 200+ retailer expansion plan. Since a KJP-fueled road trip isn't in the near future for us, we'll be taking advantage of the online shop and filling our shopping carts with the new Drift Oak Ear-Knots ($38) - embroidered silk studs with nautical and New England inspired icons.

ON THE ROCKS: We're not big brown liquor girls here at Want This, but we know a few men in our lives who are, so we have a good use for Teraforma's Whiskey Stones -- $20 for a pouch of 9 stones, literally, to be chilled, used and re-used as the non-diluting ice substitute for your spirit. The cube-sized stones are milled by Vermont Soapstone, the oldest soapstone workshop in the country. Who said cocktail hour was dead?

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