Taking on the Trend: 15 Ways to Wear the Bandeau

Not the Ban-don't.

It was featured in the editorial spreads in almost every September issue on the news stand this month and all we could initially remember was our brief love affair with the bandeau bra during our tremulous days of tube and tank tops.

The bandeau is simply a spandex-based strapless bra, that pretty much looks like a strip of fabric held up by an elastic top and bottom. Now this article of clothing might technically be a bra, but years of wearing lace slips as dresses and boyshorts as strategic pieces for theme parties in college have taught us the multi-tasking ability of undergarments.

1. Buy neon, wear under the White House Black Market tie-neck lace blouse we raved on about, or under anything sheer and/or lacy.

2. Cut 10-inch-long holes around the arm holes of an over-sized t-shirt. Wear with matching bandeau. Tell everyone it's custom Alexander Wang.

3. Dig out plunging neckline tanks from nights of bad decisions in college. Pair and deny all previous ownership.

4. Find a matching skirt slip and layer under your favorite sheer silk summer dresses. Wear red gloss and heart shaped glasses. Change your name to Lolita.

5. Pour yourself into a high-waisted pencil skirt with a wild print. Peep a bright bandeau under double breasted vest. Accessorize with fingerless leather gloves and stacked heels. Feel the fierceness.

6. Break out last summer's rompers and give them new life.

7. Wear on top of a fitted plain-tee.

8. Unbutton your oxford, let lace bandeau peak out. Ignore catcalls; embrace compliments.

9. Use as a modern-day "dickie" for sleek coverage under tight v-necks.

10. Save for a sunny day and wear tanning.

11. Attempt to pull off "Carrie Bradshaw does the Hamptons Hoedown": reptile print bandeau, prairie maxi skirt, and a cowboy hat -- minus the vomiting.

12. Incorporate into your bedroom lingerie. Expect mixed results.

13. Use as a pop of color against a backless top or dress. Duh.

14. Wear bare with high-waisted bottoms. Entertain the realization that you're actually walking around in your underwear.

15. Look like the most practical person in your bikram yoga class.

We recommend American Apparel for the widest variety and best value for the bandeau. Plus, they have quite the collection of spandex to match!

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