Our Quality Time with Custo Barcelona

chatting with the designer, Custo Delmau, before his SS'10 takes the runway

Custo Barcelona/ASI Mkt

We arrived at the loft that lives above Custo Barcelona's Soho storefront early in the morning to check in with Team Custo as they prepped for Sunday night's show.

With a fitting that had been bumped an hour later, everyone was remarkably calm less than 48 hours before a fashion show, especially since they were taking on The Tent, the biggest venue in Bryant Park, for the first time this year.

The very lovely Meredith Mulligan, a Custo account executive who looks like she could be a model herself, gave us a tour of the studio and showroom space, complete with a sneak peek of the pieces from SS'10 before we sat down with Custo Delmau, and he taught us the true meaning of the term "lowuxy" - that intersection between low cost and luxury, without sacrificing on either end - and gave us the low down on his newest collection, his "air show." 

Hanging out with Custo Delmau of Custo Barcelona Before his SS'10 Fashion Show
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