3/2: Broadening Your Horizons

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GETTING SCHOOLED: Think making wine is just stomping on grapes and letting the juice sit in bottles? Think again (to be totally honest, we doubt anybody thinks that way, but we needed a fun way to get into tonight's event.) Head to Max Downtown in Hartford starting tonight for their spring semester of Vintage Wine School. The six-week course is designed to teach wine enthusiasts about the world of fine wines, how they're made, where they come from, why there are so many different types and how to understand vintages. The class will get into the all the finer points of tasting and appreciating the world of wine, but will be casual and fun for the novice and enthusiast alike. The course runs through May 4 and costs $43 to $52.

BY GEORGE: How about a little music to cap off your Tuesday? Pianist George Winston is bringing his "melodic rural folk style" to St. Joseph College in West Hartford. Winston says he's drawn inspiration from the pianists of New Orleans and is working to raise money to benefit victims of hurricanes along the region. In fact, all the royalties from his latest album, "Gulf Coast Blues & Impressions – A Hurricane Relief Benefit,"  are going to hurricane relief organizations. Tickets for tonight's 7:30 p.m. show are $43. 

ALL ABOUT HEART: Got a case of the Tuesdays? Perhaps you should see a doctor! HA! But seriously folks, looking to infuse a little weekend into your week? Shrine Asian Kitchen at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods has you covered with "I Love Tuesdays." The Asian-inspired party will leave even the most dedicated of weekend warriors green with envy.  The night features drink specials and even hotel rooms at a special rate. There's a $10 cover for guys. Ladies get in free. 

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