6/9: Poetry, Southern Rock and Christian Metal

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Tim Larsen

WELL WITH MY SOUL:  Ready for two words that aren't often mentioned in the same breath?  Christian and metalcore.  Yup, you heard us.  Christian and metalcore.  Indiana band Haste the Day (they got their name from a line in a hymn) has made it their mission to bring those two worlds together.  And you can see them on stage tonight at the Webster Underground in Hartford.  Haste the Day will take the stage with MyChildren MyBride, Apon a Burning Body and Years Since the Storm.  Tickets are $13 and the show starts at 6:30 p.m.

THE TUCKer RULE:  Metalcore not your speed?  How about some classic Southern Rock.  The Marshall Tucker Band is one of the iconic Southern Rock bands of the '70s.  And it may be some 40 years later, but they're still going strong.  In fact, the band says that through years of relentless touring, their Southern heritage is getting stronger, and they can still "rock your socks off."  Tonight, they bring their sock-flying show to Infinity Hall in Norfolk.  Tickets for the 8 p.m. show are $65 and $80.

UNCONCEALED GARDEN:  Celebrate the coming of summer tonight in Farmington at the season debut of the Sunken Garden Poetry and Music Festival.  The evening will be filled with poetry and music, set in the backdrop of the Hillstead Museum's sunken garden.  The entertainment includes Pulitzer prize winning authors and local and touring musicians that will provide everything from rock to jazz.  And it's happenening twice a month through August 4.  Tonight's entertainment will be provided by author Galway Kinnell and music from Chris Norman.  It's free to get in, if you walk that is.  Parking is $10.  The festival starts at 6:30 p.m.

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