Popsicles in Just Seven Minutes? Yup.

Tea time landscapes and finally, a real flash for your iPhone!

PICK ME UP POPSICLE... We're way past popsicle season, but we still tend to crave our favorite fruity freezer treats through winter. We're not talking about the grocery store kind either, we like the fresh fruit and creme de cocoa kind that we can make ourselves. Williams-Sonoma's Zoku Quick Pop Maker has just made our lives a whole lot easier, with counter top molds that freeze your treats in approximately 7 minutes. Check out the demo online and find in store for under $50.

SMILE, YOU'RE ON MY PHONE... Quirky is a wonderful online marketplace full of newly invented products that we had no idea how much we needed until they were put in front of us with a price tag. We're currently in love with Beamer, an iPhone case with a built-in LED light on the back. Not impressed? Well, click the light on once, and it provides a 10-second flash for photos. Click twice, and the light goes on indefinitely, for those nights of fumbling with keyholes, with a grand estimated total of 10 illuminated hours per Lithium cell battery. Pre-order Beamer online for $32.

LOOSE LIPS... We're too impatient to really enjoy the time and care that a full and proper tea service requires, but we won't say no to good cup of green when it's placed in front of us. Designer, Joey Roth, however, is bribing us to take it slow, with his absolutely gorgeous Sorapot tea kettle. With a clear horizontal chamber, loose leaf tea settles into sight soothing landscapes that are almost more calming than the tea itself. Order online for the tea lovers and overly stressed in your life, for $200.

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