UConn Pres Asks for Day With No Pay

Would you agree to work a day without pay at your job? That's what University of Connecticut president Michael Hogan is asking of some of his employees.

Hogan, responding to a request from Gov. M. Jodi Rell, urged non-unionized managers at UConn on Friday to participate in "The Day ON for UConn" by working a day without pay. 

The money saved would be used to assist students who qualify for financial aid. 

“Your voluntary participation in this program will help us demonstrate our management’s strong commitment to the University and to our students, particularly those with financial need,” Hogan told the managers in an e-mail. “Because I want UConn’s participation to be more than a resigned acquiescence to economic hard times, I’m inviting you to join me by working that day instead, and donating that day’s pay to the President’s Challenge Fund. This fund is devoted to increasing the amount of financial aid available to our students."

Rell recently wrote to all state agency heads, including the presidents of the public colleges and universities, asking that executive and managerial employees “voluntarily take one day of unpaid leave” prior to March 1. Rell has already worked a day without pay.

Hogan requested that his managers follow the governor’s example by working a day without pay rather than taking a day of unpaid leave.

UConn has ordered each of its departments to achieve 3.5 percent savings this year as a result of a more than $12 million rescission in its state support. Further cuts are anticipated in the next fiscal year, which begins July 1.

To help identify possible spending reductions and revenue enhancements, Hogan appointed a task force to study the situation and propose savings this spring.

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