AG Investigating Ski Market

Avon’s Ellen Cohen says she went to Ski Market in Avon excited to use her Christmas gift. Her sister had sent her a $100 gift card to the retail store. When she went to the counter to redeem its value, she says the clerk told her that they were not accepting gift cards.

 Cohen was told her that the company had filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, and Cohen was shown the company e-mail that said they were no longer taking gift cards.

 “I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to say,” said Cohen.

 The store in Avon remains open for business. There are sale signs on the doors, and from the outside there is no apparent sign that the company has filed for bankruptcy, or that they are no longer taking gift cards.

 “The doors are still very much open for business,” said Cohen. “They’re still excepting cash, credit cards, you name it.”

Messages left for Ski Market, and their bankruptcy attorneys on New Year’s Day, a non-working holiday were not returned.

 The website, did not mention any bankruptcy filings, but they did say that some Connecticut locations have closed. They also recommended people visit the store in Avon.

 Attorney General Richard Blumenthal says that his office is investigating the consumer claims.

 “We’re going to fight very hard for every penny, every nickel, dime they’re worth,” said Blumenthal. “People deserve the value of these gift cards.”

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