America's Next Top 50+ Model: Blake Denham

Oxford Man Featured in AARP Magazine

Blake Denham is one of the biggest older studs in the country thanks to AARP The Magazine.

The magazine selected the Oxford man as one of the 10 winners of the "Faces of 50+ Real People Model Search."

What does that mean for Denham? 

A head-to-toe makeover and a spot in the magazine's feature story on how to update your look. They put him in a Kenneth Cole pinstriped suit and Calvin Klein shirt to give him a neat and crisp look. They also chopped his hair, making it tighter in back and less rounded on the sides.

Denham said the change was good for him.

"Get out of your comfort zone and do things you wouldn't ordinarily do," he said in AARP Magazine.

In his application, Denham said he's moved to the country and has "unlimited energy to enjoy my new rusticated life."

Rusticated? You bet.

"I look forward to the deer visiting with their offspring," he said in his application.  "I can feed grapes to the chipmunks by hand. I watch each day as my hummingbird named 'Flash' visits the glass feeders outside my window."

The 59-year-old describes himself as a 5'9", 155 pounds and divorced or widowed.

"Embrace your passions," he told AARP Magazine.  "Everyone has challenges, but you have to take those challenges and turn them into assets."

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