Beauty Arrives at Urban Outfitters


PUCKER UP: We've always loved the carefully curated collection of beauty and fragrance found at our local Anthropologie shops, so when we heard their mother ship—we mean, brand, Urban Outfitters, was starting a cosmetics hub of their own, we expected nothing less than perfection. Unfortunately, for now, most of the products are available online-only, but we're optimistic the times will change once they've tested the water. Who made the cut? Demeter's too delish to drink (no, really, don't) body sprays, Blow's snarky yet literal haircare line, Lipstick Queen's strikingly pigmented glosses and Girlactik's psychedelic sparkle range that we haven't seen since high school.

BUY IT: No word on when all of the products will be in brick and mortar locations (ie. Our shop in New Haven) but for now, UO is offering free shipping on any online order that includes a full-price beauty product through the June 8.

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