Behind the Scenes: “Mad Men” for BR

Creative Director Simon Kneen gave our friends at Thread NY the first up close and personal glimpse at Banana Republic's collaboration with "Mad Men" costume designer Janie Bryant before it hits stores August 11.

In addition to unveiling some of his personal favorites from the collection -- including a leopard-print trench coat and a dashing midnight-blue, shawl-collar tuxedo -- Kneen insists that the "Mad Men" look overall isn't all that far off from the contemporary fall trends starting to hit stores.

"What's going on in fashion and what's going on with us -- it's just feeling like things really are getting a little bit more polished," he says. "Then of course in tailoring, we're never far off, because if anything, we've come full cycle right back to that '60s JFK look." [THREAD NY]

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