Being Kind Pays Off, Kind Of

Crunchy snack group starts kindness campaign

Kind Snacks wanted to be known for more than just making a killer granola bar. So they started a Kind Campaign - excuse me - a "Kinded" Campaign. Kinded is all about spreading kind... no, not just the brand name, but Kind-ness. Little acts of being "kind" can be tracked and rewarded when you have a Kinded license in your pocket.

Don't have one yet? Don't fret. You can order your own for free from Basically, it acts as your passport to being nice. Kind recommends "sharing your umbrella" or "paying for a stranger's coffee," and in case someone mistakes you for a creep trying to pick them up, flash your "Kinded" card at them for added re-enforcement.

"Just doing my Kinded duty, ma'am... No, I don't want your number."

Every act of Kind-ness can be mapped out on as well using the unique numerical code found on the back of your Kinded card. So you can share your good deeds with the world, as well as map out your geographic pathway to sainthood. Similar to "Pay It Forward," yet much more self-indulgent, with snacks involved. After you've done your goodness for the day, you can try to pass the card along to those who reaped the benefit - if you can explain the process involved - so they can continue the chain. Or keep it for yourself -- hey, you did your one good deed for the day, why do another? 

(Note: We'd probably be much more inclined to use it if Kinded offered Kind rewards, offering free fruit and nut bars for every Kinded act completed.  We're just sayin...)

What do you think of the Kinded movement? Clever and optimistic or jaded marketing ploy?

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