Body Art Bonanza This Weekend

The 1st tattoo convention in Connecticut happens this weekend.


Long gone are the days when tattoos were reserved for bikers and sailors. From soccer moms to salesmen, rappers to real estate agents, basketball players to businessmen, anybody and everybody could be inked these days. 

To celebrate the explosion in popularity of body art, the the state's first ever tattoo convention will be held at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. 

Tom Ringwalt, owner of Tommy's Supplies is putting on "Tommy's Tattoo Convention" this weekend.

The convention will feature some of the most talented artists from around the world including, Amy Nicoletto, from LA Ink. 

There will be contests with awards given out for all different styles of tattoos. There will also be plenty of entertainment including live music, daredevil shows, an illusionist that combines tattooing and deception, and an appearance by The Enigma Man, who has transformed his body into a jigsaw puzzle.

Doors open on Friday afternoon and the convention runs through Sunday night. 

Ticket packages run from $15 to $60.

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